Can anyone include warfare in the game?

Hi guys, I am a big fan of democracy, because it lets you make political decisions in large detail. However I have a complaint. I would like to see the possibility of going to war, including the effects that it can have in the economy and society. I don’t want warfare details, organising of military operations, etc. Many games in the market do that. I want things on a general scope: For example, a neighbouring country disputes your borders, violates your country’s airspace, starts exploiting natural resources that are in disputed areas. I want to see the case where diplomacy fails and war begins. As a president/prime minister you should only make basic decisions, such as which generals to allocate, how many troops to send, based on your generals’ estimations. As a politician, your job is only to deal with diplomacy, making alliances and also deal with all the social and economic effects a war can have.
All these things will make the game much more enjoyable. The thing is that I am useless at modding. Do any of the modders think that they could include these things in the game?

I’ve wanted a more detailed approach to war for years. Democracy 2 kept crashing when I would mod so doing it myself was out.

With standard settings, military spending is a waste of money. We need to add some realism.

There are not many government-versus-government wars going on these days. Military issues would best be represented by situations.

  • Pirates (replaces Pirates event): Caused by low foreign aid and low military spending. Decreases International trade and Tourism.
  • Foreign Threat: Caused by low military and space program spending, and poor international relations. Increases Oil Price. Decreases International Trade severely, and support from Patriots.
  • Military-industrial Complex: Caused by high military spending and inequality. Costs budget money, and reduces Productivity.

Military spending should also prevent some negative situations, such as riots and organized crime.