Can functions affect Loyalty, Political Capital or Activism?

I would like to have policy functions that affected ministers’ loyalty, political capital accumulated by turn, and/or the number of party activists. Can that be done?

That’s interesting. It appears that General Media Censorship doesn’t provide good ways to stay on the job. I mean: it doesn’t translate to votes. It could work together with Activism, or having some policy that can “buy” Activism. You had a great idea!

But how can it be coded in?
If policies and events effected voter turnout it could simulate how hinge moments effect the electorate or the situation of an unpopular government having a monopoly on legal authority.

Well, you can make a policy that adds membership and happiness to specific voter groups, and then if you’re really popular with that group, it’s sort of similar. That would also work for making ministers loyal to you, which in turn helps increase political capital. It’s not fast, but it’d work.

Of course, you’d also have to say before each game “I’m going to aim for this group’s support”, then go in and modify the file each time you start, but…at least it’s something.

Alternatively, you could make one for each group, but then you’d have a lot of policies for electioneering hanging about.

That certainly could get tedious but it is workable.

Is that the only way to simulate something like this?

Indirectely, it’s already there, no?

A Minister that sympathize with Farmers, Parents.

You start or increase those policies that make Farmers, Parents happier.

Happier Farmers, Parents reduce miniter’s-loyalty-loss-over-time.
Thus, this minister stays loyal for longer.

Very happier Farmers, Parents stop miniter’s-loyalty-loss-over-time.
Thus, this minister stays loyal for ever.

2nd, if you win an election
all ministers receive a HUGE loyalty boost.

Cheers :wink:

Tip: On reshuffe cabinet. Choose your ministers by their supporting voter groups.
Best, choose a minister who has 2 green supporting groups :slight_smile:

It IS IMPORTANT that you do not choose a minister supporting Capitalists and Patriots
if you have only 20% red and very angry Capitalists
or only 20% red and very angry Patriots!! - That choice would be wasted!