Can i add new voter groups?

Can I make a mod that adds new voter groups? And in that case, how?

I have made a CSV mod where I replaced State Employees with Academics. Academics are affected by education- and technology-related policies. Their frequency increases with Education level, and affects Skills shortage.

CSV mods cannot be shared with the workshop, and are a bit complicated to install, though.

And I don’t know if adding a new group would work out.

Yeah, I know I can edit the csv file, but I want to publish my mod.

Ok so I just had a play around with trying to create a voter group.

You can do it if you edit game’s ‘votertypes’ csv in the simulation folder. but it kinda screws the central gui on the main screen, but it does work and also looks fine in the voter breakdown point graph.

It didn’t work when I just tried to create a separate mod by creating a copy of the ‘votertypes’ csv with just my new group in, in my new mod folder structure like any other mod.

So it can be done, but afaik not as a deploy-able mod to steamworks etc…