Can I get the updates if I bought KRL from Big Fish Games?


I see you’ve created an updated version of Kudos Rock Legend where you’ve ironed out some glitches, I bought my copy from Big Fish Games so is it possible for me to download the updates or not?

Thank you

I’ve had 11 views but no replies, is no one able to help or do we just enjoy looking at questions?

I don’t have an answer, but I wanted to reply to say I hope you get one. I haven’t ever purchased from Big Fish Games…and while I think Internet stores are great, this is the dilemma of them. I believe the developer has to write a different patch for every “store” that carries the game as they all have their own download protection methods. I could be wrong tho but I think thats how it works.

I can’t say I have an answer for this either, but I bought KRL from Big Fish Games as well and wanted to know if the latest version of the game is available there as well. It might have been answered before, but I’ve been combing through the forums and haven’t found an answer myself.

In some other thread, I saw that Cliff was e-mailing updated versions of Rock Legend to those of us who purchased the older version of the game still being sold by Big Fish. I cannot now find that thread, and my email to Cliff has gone ignored for over a week. I’m not certain that I have his correct address. I’d appreciate it if anyone who has some recent information on this subject (or Cliff’s correct e-mail address) would respond. Thanks in advance.

This is the thread : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1574