Can someone give me some tips for the Megacure challenge?

I would have included “please” in the title if there had been room.

So, the best treatment that I can find (male contraceptive, syringe, no side effects, full lobbying) is still only 1200 and I need 1500. I also took far longer than the 2023 limit. I would welcome any help at all.


Directed Light Pharmachem.

You need to produce a composite syringe which treats multiple illness at once (the multi-mixers will do this favor), use the drug packer to increase the value per sale, see the attached screen for my record high.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Wow, that’s a hell of a combined value.

That said, tuckerakao’s suggestion is the way to go - merge two higher level cures together. One level 3 with its level 4 is probably best. I.e. put Reduces Stroke Risk (lvl 3), and merge it with the Combats Sickle Cell Anaemia (the lvl 4). You don’t need full throughput (30 a month) to win, just one single output. This way you just need one line, and not even that complex.

Well in that case we probably consider that as a whole package I believe, right guys?

automatic knife

Does the drug packer actually increase the value? It wasn’t my intention for that to work but I think it’s a novel use if it does! :wink:

I was working on achievminent in steam The big three ("Sell a product which cures Alzheimer’s Disease, Cures HIV and is a Cancer Vaccine) and made it. Combined value was about 8000$. With packer its 32000$ per sale. Thought that it is interesting to know about this numbers.