Can someone start a tournament!?

Hey Guys, are there enough ppl for one? can someone start a new tournament (SAC…etc)?

I can start one if we get at least 1 more person to play… SAC sorta needed at least 3 players for it.

But then, all the old players seem to have left and non of the new players wants to play SAC.

I would join, but other than knowing some of the basic concepts of the tournament, I haven’t been in one before.

Do you guys prefer forced center deploy like SAC 5, or do you guys prefer the normal setups?

I am thinking the rules will be

300 pilot 75,000 credits (1:250)
Requires Engine
Must beaten the previous 3 SAC fleets.

Optional Rule
No Tribe Utopia Hull

I’m up for joining a tournament, but my machine complains about battles over 50k-cr. I’d vote for something between 25-50K.

How about no Tribe at all. If anyone posts a Tribe fleet, the next fleet only needs to defeat the previous 3 non-Tribe fleets.

I would be happy with 300/75K, Engines required, Maximum sized standard map and all Tribe specific modules limited to zero.

A somewhat more difficult possibility would be a triplet challenge.

Instead of posting one fleet, you post a set of three fleets each a different race, a triplet. On the same map of course.

The next player needs to post a triplet in which all three fleets need to have defeated all three fleets of the previous triplet. (above 50% of the time)

The first triplet could be labelled TC1-1-1, TC1-1-2 and TC1-1-3
The next one would be TC1-2-1, TC1-2-2 and TC1-2-3 each of which defeated TC1-1-1, TC1-1-2 and TC1-1-3

similar to thc’s Triathalon

Well, limiting Tribe modules doesn’t really stop the typical Tribe builds (MWM spam, CL spam, plasma spam).

I am also a bit worry about increasing difficulty since we haven’t have an active SAC for a long time. So far, we only have 3 people here(including myself) who have experience with the SAC challenges. It might be too difficult, or just too tedious, for new players to design 3 fleets at a time.

As for banning Tribe. I am thinking that should be retain as a honor code for the more experienced players. New players should be allowed to use them until the feel comfortable with the SAC format.

Also, I am looking at the NEC3 map and wonder what you guys think about the supply limitations? Let’s face it, how many of us wants to fight the same MWM spams 20th times?

So it will be

200 pilots, 50000 credits, engine required, cruiser weapon limit 30, frigate weapon limit 60 or

300 pilots, 75000 credits, engine required, cruiser weapon limit 45, frigate weapon limit 90

I find weapon limits like that annoying. If you want less spam I would prefer a lower credit limit to control it.
We haven’t had a small SAC. We could do 40/10K.

I can live with Tribe fleets only from players who aren’t skilled enough to compete without them.

Humm go for it, start a 40/10k and see how it goes. You want to start it or should I start it?

OK SAC 7-1 posted