Can this game be reset on a Mac?

I’m playing the game on a MacBook Pro, and I’ve improved to the point that I wouldn’t mind starting from scratch and beginning a brand new game from entry level up. I ran a search on these forums and found a way to do it on Windows, but no luck on how to reset a Mac. Any suggestions?

You just need to delete the things from your personal data folder, which is (possibly) /Users//Library/Preferences/GratuitousSpaceBattles on a Mac. Someone mentioned that path in a previous thread, I don’t own a Mac to check myself.

I checked that path on my MacBook, and it’s valid. Please let us know if removing it is successful in reset your game. You might also want to look into AppTrap for deleting Mac applications.

That was the correct path. I deleted everything in that folder, and it worked like a charm. Set my game right back to square one. Thanks for the help!

The path du jour (found while I was rebuilding my mac thankyouverymuchfor"accidentally"erasingmyharddriveGeniusbar) seems to be "/Users//Library/Application Support/com.redmarble.GSB. To save anyone else the trouble.

Very informative and helpful post; thank you.

I am running Maverick on my Mac and can’t find it at either location. Where can I find it?