Can we set up custom battles?

Hi there guys, this looks like a fascinating game and I’d like to give it a try, but im really not so interested in linear missions. However the sandbox possibilities of setting up my own battles/ with custom ship designs sounds great? So im wondering is it possible, to set up two sides to fight one another?

I think it would have a fun application beyond the game too if it did, (I’ve been working on a little space strategy game for Vassal the board game simulator (for myself and friends hehe) that this game could be an ideal compliment.


You can setup a challenge, and then send that to all players or an individual player – even to yourself.
So yes, you can build a fleet as part of a challenge then build another fleet to attempt to conquer it.

The simply awnser is YES you CAN set up tour own custom battles BUT. . . . .

You have to learn how to make deployments, serenrous, ships, weapons, and other game content for it to work.

I Myself have made sevreal deployments for my eve-online mod that I have been working with they are NOT hard, but just simply time consuming, and one worng thing will eather a) crash the games or most often b) will casue the item to not appair. It looks like Cliffski has a real good error trapping sub-section built into the game, but it too can fail.

If you would like to know more about making custom battles let me know and I might but up a how-to for everyone. :slight_smile:

Anyways I must run run run

Huzzzah thanks mate :slight_smile: Yeah it would be great to know more about custom battle set up?

I mean basically though, I guess its just a sandbox type battle vs yourself set up - or even for hotseat play too?