Can you make an NPC (non-playable character) Race?

Modules have a “hidden” attribute, but I’ve never looked/asked for a similar for hulls.

It seems that the closest you can get with the hulls is their “racename” attribute. The idea of linking them to some kind of mystery race and using that race as an “NPC” with an immense unlock cost (something like one billion honor points) might be as good as it gets.

I’d like to do better, if we can. Having the Non-Player Character race have all of its internal stats completely hidden during game play is a very attractive idea! CptFox has begun some very unconventional gameplay research in a direction that cries out for further analysis. I’m definitely not the only player who would like to have a so-called monster race with unknown capabilities that you could use as the threat forces for a human player to fight.

It would be a very very simple mod, but for the purpose of consistency maybe we should put together an NPC race as you suggest. Then any mods with hidden things can assign the things to that race and just list it as a dependency in the description. This way you don’t have every mod adding another “non-unlockable” race to the list.

All good ideas, the most feasible now is adding an HUGE honor cost (for unlock the race AND for unlock all the hulls)… i have another idea supporting that one, if the player unlocks by some way (editing the file) (insane playing) it will found a race without sense, how? Hahaha i’m not going to tell you >:D
Just kidding, here is my idea:

>All the names of the modules are the same: “UNKNOWN”
>All the values of each module is hidden: deleting the last part of a module code.
>All the names of the hulls are the same: “UNKNOWN”
>All the icons of the modules are the same: some unknown-ish pic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge unlock cost for the race + RVM mod + all custom modules hidden = basically unplayable without hacking the files :slight_smile:

But still the race will appear on the selection screen… hmm… very weird xD.

Will still appear, sure, but I’m going with the idea of a huge unlock cost to dissuade people. Combined with a “standard” NPC race, it will mean only one unusable entry rather than hundreds. Of course, then someone needs to keep the race file up to date to accommodate new mods…

Only one NPC race for all the mods? Sounds good, but no needing of someone doing all the work, we just need some organization, i mean, we should set in a new topic all the values and the download link of the latest NPC patch, so if a modder wants an npc for their race, the only thing that he will do is make his own npc in a pack with the updated race.txt with all his stuff.


Restricted Vanilla Modules, to stop the modules from the original fours races being forced into the lists for every other race. See my sig :stuck_out_tongue: