Canada and Religion

I had to make an account because I was extremely annoyed having been assassinated by religious extremist groups.

I’m not sure how the stats are figured for Canada, but this country is not that religious. I don’t believe I created/changed any religious policies and just went about my business creating a socialist utopia (which by the way, the stats seem to also be flawed. Canada isn’t that socialist… At least contemporary Canada isn’t–maybe more reform liberal?).

No recent government has been willing to touch abortion laws, and we’ve decriminalized prostitution. The country hasn’t gone up in flames yet.

There is no reason why religion should be a big player in the Canadian simulation (Also, we don’t have a secret service in the same sense the Americans do. We have CSIS, but CSIS is more like the American’s CIA.).


Besides this rant, the game has been pretty enjoyable!

That’s the thing though; you can’t assume that a country will automatically work the same in Democracy 3 as it does in reality. Assasinations from all groups are too high in every country and whether or not real Canada has gone up in flames doesn’t matter a bit to Democracy 3 Canada.

You can defang the religious nutters in the Canada scenario by taking abortion law down one notch to “2 doctors approval”. Do that, and they’ll be somewhere in the middle of the happiness scale, rather than blowing up your rallies.

You’ll forgive me if I’m not exactly awed by the neutrality shown in this thread. Oh boy…