Canada Difficulty 160% ; Getting Assassinated by Capitalists

I love the game, but I am stuck trying to beat the Canada at 160% difficulty. I am always executed by Capitalists.

Around turn 5 about 150~ people join the extremist Battenberg group, and they try to execute me every turn thereafter. By maxing out my intelligence service and wire tapping, I’ve kept them at bay for 10 turns, but meet the same tragic end. In the game, I’ve made concessions to capitalists including cutting child care to a minimum and maxing out my toll road policy. I raised the income tax to 55% to cover the deficit, which I know is bad, but is there any other way to balance a budget at 160% difficulty?

Any one figure out a solution to this one?

With default settings, Capitalists are far too unhappy. Try the Happy Capitalists mod.


I could only work with the capitalists using the mod suggested above, and even then they’re the most annoying group of the game. I can never make them really happy, no matter how much I try they’re always some of the saddest bunch (maybe because there’s some stuff I simply won’t go without in my countries, so…). Anyway, get the mod and you might survive. The Battenberg group is always the one that ends up killing me too anyway hahaha

My suggestion, unless you’re ideologically opposed, is to slap on Small Business Grants, Enterprise Tax relief, National Business Council, and cancel Capital gains tax. You’ll find that earns you enough credit wit them to stop them blowing your head off, and grant you a significant boost to GDP to boot.

Uncheck Assassinations in options.