Cancel Introduction of New Policy

Sometimes it would be nice to see the potential effects of a new policy before introducing it. At present, one can play with the sliders for existing policies to see the effects but then cancel the changes - with new policies this cannot be done. In fact, with new policies you don’t even get to see who it might affect until you implement it (although admittedly, the descriptions tend to give a good idea). When political capital is scarce, it is a shame to waste it implementing a new policy that is not as effective (or perhaps as financially effiicient) as one had hoped.

Completely unrelated, have you considered the possibility of letting ALL policies be cancellable? Sure, absolutely no military or police force would almost certainly be disastrous, but it would be nice to give the player the freedom. (Although arguably the player would never be able to acquire enough political capital to go through with it!) I am also considering a mod in which the player tries to build a utopia from scratch, so it would be nice to see the player able to choose even “fundamental” policies - or at least to prioritise what order to implement them in. (That could also work well for a post-apocalyptic type senario, where the player has somehow wound up in a position to rebuild a nation with effectively no existing infrastructure…)

Oh, and one more whilst I’m here. Usually green means good things and red means bad, but this is not always the case - a red stripe leading to crime or unemployment means that it is decreasing crime or unemployment, which is typically a good thing. Might it be clearer if green always meant good and red always meant bad?

I was just thinking this morning about whether all policies should be cancellable, as it is quite possible (although very unlikely) that income tax or the military could be abolished. However, the problem with this is that removing a policy removes all its effects, so this would mean that decreasing the military to ceremonial only would really annoy the patriots, but this could be solved simply by abolishing the military (which of course in reality would annoy the patriots even more). What you can do though is to simply drag the slider right down to the bottom - for example, I wanted to abolish foreign aid - there is no cancel button, but you can drag it down to zero, which has exactly the same effect. It would be very easy to change it so that the same could be done with the military and other compulsory policies by setting the minimum to zero - this would just require a quick tweak in the policies csv file, and perhaps adding a new value in the sliders file of “no military” (the effects might need to be tweaked very slightly also to take account of the newly increased scope). I think that this very simple change would be excellent.

I think green always means increases, and red always means decreases, which is confusing at first, but I suppose keeps consistency throughout the game. It would probably get even more confusing if some decreases were green and some were red and visa versa.

One method of dealing with policy cancellation is to implement it gradually, as the policy itself was implemented, and to allow a reversal of the positive/negative effects caused by the original policy–only with some of the negative fallout (20%?) remaining as an aftereffect. Your people no longer quite trust you as much. Repeated policy cancellations would reap an increasingly hefty negative fallout.

I agree with Zild. Since it is supposed to be a turn-based game we can assume that all changes are just PLANNED and actually are made only when I click the ‘End turn’ button. So canceling the newly implemented policy should be possible without capital change / negative effect.

You’ve hit exactly on the reason for uncancellable policies. Some are clearly a spectrum of policy, like handgun laws, and with the military, you need there to be an effect for a really low (or zero) military. I guess this could be fixed by having an inherent permanent effect that upsets the patriots, and the existence of any military would cheer them up. effectively making the militarys low effects a permanent feature to be negated.

Now I type this, I’m thinking a higher military should boost patriots numbers. What do you think?

As I said above, I think that the easiest solution is simply to allow all of the non-cancellable policies to be dragged down to zero at the very bottom, like foreign aid. This has the same effect of cancelling the policies while still allowing for the negative effect that you talked about.

Ah, a very good explanation indeed, Cliffski and TomPhil… I’m pretty torn on the issue now - I still think that it would be ideal to have such policies removable, even if only to allow a visual “blank sheet” to start from, but I’m not sure I can honestly say that requires the extra coding.