Cancel policy changes

I’d like to be able to

  1. Open the policy screen
  2. Move the slider left and right to see how much money I’m going to spend/make.
  3. Exit the screen without policy changes.
    Now I need to put the slider back into its original position to achieve the effect.

It would be really nice if I could cancel the policy change AFTER I closed the screen but before the end of turn. Same for newly introduced and cancelled policies. But I suspect this would be difficult to implement.

One more issue about policy change screen.
Suppose I open the ‘science funding’ policy screen. The slider is set in the middle at ‘electronic microscopes’.

  1. I move it right all the way to ‘particle accelerators’ and release the mouse button.
  2. I try to move it back but can’t grab it! I have to grab the original slider in the middle.

I think this is not how it was meant to be. Anyway, a strange behaviour.

P.S. Great game, don’t think of me as an angry grumbler. I pursue perfection :slight_smile:

I’m very new to the game myself, but I thought you could drag the policy slider any way you want, look at the financial impact and then click the cancel policy button at the bottom of the policy window. Then a popup message comes up and you click cancel again.

Everything is kept at your previous setting. Am I wrong?

IMHO you are. ‘Cancel policy’ means ‘stop doing this at all’, for example, cancel maternity leave or cancel the income tax.


What you can do is move the slider anywhere, then when you get the pop-up asking you whether or not to proceed with the policy change, click “Cancel” (this is NOT the Cancel Policy button, which does what you said it does).

But beware when changing a policy more than once in one turn - I think the “Cancel” button will now cancel all of the changes made that turn, but still charge you for all but the latest changes.

Ok, in the morning it seems more acceptable, although I’d still like to see the ‘Don’t change & Exit’ button somewhere.

This only leaves the issue of the ungrabbable slider.