Cursed like usual… Bump.

Not even a few suggestions on the ships let alone the weapons.’

But I suspected they would ignore the conversion idea. That probably kills it.

I don’t know what kind of feedback you are looking for.
Do you want us to criticize your design? Recommend stats or modules? Teach you how to create such a mod? Discuss the probabilities of a race like this ever being officially released by DLC? Compare and contrast to existing races? Do you want us to suggest mods that are like this?

I can tell you that when Mega-Damage superweapons get talked about, especially as a general theme for a race, I usually tend to not be very encouraging in that area. Also, there are certain practical difficulties in designing races around a certain weapon-theme – most notably that they still have access to all the basic weapons.

All that being said, check out the Unity Mod. It’s still a work in progress and still working out the balance issues – but it looks to me like the best there is right now in the “I want an ultra-powerful race” mod.

I am trying to make a Stealthy conversion race that deals with darkmatter technologies, you see.
For example, the antimatter weapons would be THE strongest weapon in the game, EVER. Period. But uber expensive, taking a huge amount of energy, and taking forever to recharge.
I am looking for someone that would help decide BOTH the modding and specs.

One clear penalty would be:

Shield and Hull values are reduced by 30%, while having the same price.
Ship speeds are reduced by 30% as well.

So, stealthy, great attack, but weak in the defenses, and posessing conversion techs.

Here are some slot specs I can think up. Darbenthians would have a HIGH number of slots in comparrison to other ships, you see. Especially their fighters.

Why would they have more slots?
If they are a “superweapon” themed race that do incredible damage with each hit, shouldn’t they have fewer, but much more massive weapons? Equipping all those superweapons could get very expensive. Are you picturing them as a race that would bring very few ships and fighters to the battlefield compared to other races, and always be outnumbered?

Also, there’s no point in having a firing rate penalty, if you’re going to give them additional weapon mounts. The end result is that they will still fire the same amount of weapons in the same period of time.

Finally, it should be noted that there is currently no way to give specific ships a firing rate penalty, or any other penalty related to weapons (range, accuracy, damage, etc). Only hull integrity, shields, armor, speed, and cost.

oh, so thats a penalty, it should be a BENEFIT. Will edit.

You see, the extra slots represent the darkmatter techs. They may have less defenses and speed, but in turn, thanks to their increased slot allowances, they would pose a HUGE offensive threat. Not only would they have more… but stronger weapons as well.

How I see him setting this up is EACH ship will have one megapowerful weapon and then the rest will be standard weapons. Anything else than that would just be way too powerful or way to underpowered if the megaweapons allways miss.

This confused me do you want dark matter or antimater becaase there two COMPLETELY diffrent things.

also check the moding forum im sure youll find somthing along the lines your looking for

Mainly dealing with dark matter, but also using antimatter.

Also, while their weapons would be super weapons, they would not be too strong as to disallow multiples. For example, the antimatter cannon would only do, like, 100 damage.

What exactly does darkmatter do for your ships anyway? Last I check they do absolutely nothing except exert a gravitational pull.

Shadow based techs, basicly. Advanced cloaking, ignoring countermeasures, thusly overcoming defensive systems.

Put simply, the empire is “Dark” based.

In many science fiction-like stories and video games, “dark matter” is a real substance with amazing pseudo-science properties, sometimes having a tenuous or non-existant relationship to the “dark matter” term used in physics and cosmology – a term that doesn’t describe a substance at all, but is just a fancy term for “there’s gravity there and we don’t know why”.

In some fictional cosmologies, “dark matter” is the substance that binds the universe together, or that makes hyperdrive possible.

My variant deals with basicly shadow techs. Ignoring the usual defenses and such. Consequentially, those antimatter weapons will proabably strike with deadly accuracy even if you have horrific defenses.

Sounds like the race will be a glass cannon - Very powerful but fragile.

The only thing you have to remember is that you have to work within the GSB engine.
For example - i am not currently aware of any way to make a weapon ignore shields.

It wouldnt ignore sheilds. It would ignore defense systems. For example, if you use a missle evasion system, darbs would ignore that.
Or, for example, if you use emp resistance, also ignored.

I see a way. There is already coding where smaller ships can bypass bigger ships shields. Thats a notable step in such coding in the first place. All I would need is a sample coding of that to get these ‘ignore defenses’ element.

It sounds like what you want is to focus on plasma guns.
Plasma guns are heavy, energy-intensive, and costly weapons that inflict large amounts of damage. They have poor accuracy, but a very long range, and a slow rate of fire. Plasma weapons are not effected by ECM shields, missile guidance scramblers, or any of the point-defense options. They can penetrate both shields and armor.

There are light, medium, and heavy versions of the cruisers’ plasma launcher. There is also a frigate-sized light plasma launcher.

I see, forget this idea then. I will try to think up other kinds of races then.

Looking for originality, you see.