cancelling new policies for free bugged

Hi Cliff,

I noticed this bug today when trying to implement some new policies to see their effects. I immediately cancelled the new policies, which the game claims would be free in terms of political capital, but was actually charged both the initial implementation cost and an additional cancellation cost, instead of being refunded the implementation cost. I tested on about a dozen new policies at random and this bug appears to be fully reproducible and apply 100% of the time. Occasionally the cancel option would be grayed out, I assume because I had insufficient political capital left over to cover the hidden additional cancellation costs. Changing the slider settings for free appears to be working as advertised. Needless to say, this is a fairly major bug that penalizes players for trying to find out more details about what the potential effects of new policies actually are. I hope it’s fairly straightforward for you to track it down and get it fixed.

Thanks for making such a unique strategy game, I really appreciate it!


Chris G.