Cannot damage enemy ships.

So I got to the mission the “Emerald Nebula” and on the normal and expert modes there is a type of enemy ship that just won’t take damage when I play it. On normal there are 3 of these cruisers. One time I was able to destory one, but the other two were still invincible. These are some screenshots to explain what I mean. One of them shows the battle stats and on it every ship is dead but one of those invincible cruisers which is at full health.

Any help would be nice but if not then just treat this as a bug report :slight_smile:

Your problem may be that you can’t deal enough damage to it fast enough if your forces are depleted enough from the battle. If that class is designed to have really heavy and fast regenerating shields combined with nanorepair and/or armor repair stations you’ll need to deal a lot of damage rapidly to it. Can you take down their shields? I’ve completed that mission on both normal and expert and didn’t have a problem. It also depends on your weapon mix, if you’re using lots of weapons that can’t deal damage to armor, and or are reflected by a reflecting shield that could be part of your problem too.

I had over 50% of my ships left when it came down to destroying those 3 cruisers. I am able to take down their shields sometimes, other times I can’t. Likewise I can sometimes destroy them completely while other times I can’t. And so far at least one of them has remained invulnerable even if the other 2 weren’t.

I have let it sit for a good 5 minutes on 4x speed while I have MANY ships left and nothing would happen, and again I check the stats at the end of the battle and they would have 0 damage on them.

If you can get the shields down, try using proton beams or another cruiser-scale beam weapon with high armor piercing. Hope this helps!