Cannot enter a "V" for my key



Simple Problem: my Online Key via Humble Bundle contains a V and I cannot enter this letter in the edit field in the game. It just will not print a “V”.

How can I enter my key or rather, how do I get a key without a V?

Thanks in advance.


Have you tryed Copy-Pasting your code? It works for Steam’s keycode, maybe u can do the same for Humble Bundle.


Neither “V” nor “Ctrl+V” work.
That I needed to type it was my first disappointment…


Few other people had the same problem
A solution is found here - [Mac/Linux] Can’t enter online code - V key not working


Thank you. That was it.

I created the file in the mentioned directory in my home and inserted the key.


i got the game ages ago in a bundle then again a couple of days ago in the new Humble Bundle, it came with a mp key. ok heres my weird problem the key contains the letter V and as you can see my letter v is working on my keyboard, the problem is i cant enter the letter V in the key field within the game, every other letter or number in the key can be entered fine. looking for a solution.


Have you tried this one ?