Cannot get new updates

I saw it mentioned that you can’t get them if you bought the game elsewhere, but I bought it here, and it has never once updated the internet updates since I bought it. I just have the ones that were already out there before I bought it, but I see newer ones being shown on the boards so I know theres been more since then. Refreshing doesn’t help either. My version is 1.1a, not sure if that helps any.

I’ve always just downloaded updates from this part of the website.

I didn’t mean patches, rather the new avatars and things like that. I cannot patch the game. I’ve tried about three patches and they all say patch failed when I try to patch it. :confused:

As the site owner/developer’s on vacation, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait another week before he can reply. :frowning: The good news is that he’s very quick to respond, and offer help.