Cannot start new game

I just bought D3 and D3 Africa via a Steam sale. Both launch, but both crash when starting a new game in the same way. I am running Windows 10 Home on an MSI laptop with 16GB of RAM.

I start a new game with default settings. I get the game creation screen. When “Return government” appears I then get a crash to desktop.

I have tried the following:

  • Uninstalling & reinstalling
  • Uninstalling D3 and just running Africa
  • Unistalling Africa and just running D3
  • Uninstalling all the Positech-provided DLC
  • Running the “original” version of D3 as per the Betas tab on Steam
  • Launching D3 by double-clicking the .exe instead of launching through Steam

I get the same kind of crash each time.