Cannot use unlocked races in Battle screens

If I missed something in the manual or in these forums, I apologize in advance.

I have GSB bought off of Steam.

After I have unlocked a race in Fleet HQ, I cannot use that race in the Battle mode. When I choose the race and go to the deploy screen there are no ships to be deployed. I can only play the initial race with which the games starts.

I can unlock new ship systems and use them just fine.

Any suggestions?

First question that comes to mind would be: Have you designed any ships with the unlocked race?

(This is the “Is it plugged in? Is it turned on?” question.)

Heh, you made me question myself enough to check.

Now that I look, I don’t have any ship hulls for the race to work with, either.

If I remember right, the manual says you get a starting group of hulls to work with once you unlock the race. I don’t seem to be getting those.

Try the following: In the main menu click “Ship Design” button. Then click “Change” button. Scroll down the list and try to find ship hulls that belongs to your unlocked race. Do you see them? If yes, can you select one of them and click “Ok” button?

Yup, that’s where I was missing them. Thank you Danou. Happy Battles.