Can't Accept Challenge Due to DLC Incompatibbility

My friend has invited me to a challenge but I can’t seem to download it as I don’t own all the DLC he has. But he says he has only put Rebel ships in with missiles so it should be OK.

TLDR; do I need all the DLC that he has to play him OR will it work as long as he doesn’t put anything into the challenge from the DLC?

For you to play he will need to uncheak the boxed of the DLC that he has in the challenge. I used to have this problem also and noone would do that simple thing and just leave ALL the DLC checked as used even if it was not used. Its a big pain in the butt.

It would save lots of headaches if by default DLC was left unchecked. Honestly I uncheck all DLC even if it is one of the races i am using. So far it has not been a problem or nobody has msged me back.

Lurks a lot

Thanks for the feedback guys. Will make sure he has done that.

Buy all the DLC.
Its so cheap now and totally worth it.