cant change race [1.11]

stuck as empire in battels, cannot use either change race button and only see federation ships in ship builder yet unlocked all races.

Ive finished all the battles on Normal, dont seem to have any races unlocked. Double checked by editing sc.dat to 1 for every mission/difficulty, restarted the game, still nothing.

Annoying, because I want to try the other ships out.

Make sure you edit the tutorial also.

Like I said, every mission. This is a fresh 1.11 install, fyi.

I’m having the same thing. Looking through the files, I noticed in scenarios I have an empty Tutorial2 folder.

I wonder if this has to do with the empty Tutorial2 scenario directory. Does it expect a tutorial2 victory but the mission isn’t there?

I have a 1.11 fresh install. Not patched that is to say.

Aha. Despite having played and died my way thru the Survival mission, the .dat had not noticed that I’d done so and was still listed as 0. Manually changing the Survival mode as well seems to have fixed it for me.