Can't find modding file

Can someone please help me? I’ve been searching to see if anyone is having the same problem as me, but i haven’t found anyone. My problem is that i bought Kudos 2 from because i loved the game so much, its the first game i ever purchased, i was so passionate about it. Anyway once i found out that you could modify the game i was so happy (ima big cheater i know) so i tried to find the file in order to do so, but when i opened up the kudos2/mods/script file the folder was empty!! Am i looking in the wrong spot? Does iwin not put all the files in the game as it should have? I’m so confused and sad. Can anyone help me?

To the best of my knowledge there is NO mods folder. If you want to modify the game you just need to alter the files under Kudos 2\Data\Simulation
Most of these are .csv files, so opening them in Notepad is the easiest way to start, however OO.O Calc and MS Excel can open these. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ORIGINALS!

Wayno, may have drunk a little too much last night

There is actually a mods folder that you can use. It’s usually C:\Users<user name>\Documents\My Games\Kudos 2\mods

OpenOffice.Org and Excel can open the csv files, but be warned that these usually condense multiple commas into one, so if you save the files down using those sheets these programs, they could mess things up.

James, who learned both of these facts the hard way…

Thanks you guys for feedback, but when i look in my kudos2 file there in no data folder at all!! All their is is: Avatars, Mods, and Savegames folders and Hints, Player_actions, and Player_options text documents and nothing else…

Yeah I can’t fnd them either, they’re all empty. I have the positech version too.

sounds like you are looking at the Mydocuments\my games\kudos 2 folder, rather than where the actual game runs from which is probably C:\program files\kudos 2 etc…

Thank you! Oh my I was looking in the wrong place. I never knew there was a program file in my computer, but i still don’t see an assest.csv file in simulation folder

I have a mac… so none of this really makes sense to me.

I have the same folders with nothing in them and no other folders for the game…