Can't Find Registration Code

I recently installed GSB on my new laptop and purchased the Nomad and Galactic Conquest DLC packs. However, I do not have my registration code from my original copy of GSB and I have no access to the registration email either. What can I do to get online? I really want to play the Galactic Conquest mode but have no way of doing so, which is kind of a bummer. :frowning:


that could b a problem…

the reg code is the only thing that proves u bought the game as opposed 2 pirated it

if u have any type of proof of purchase you can email that to cliff i guess…

otherwise i dont c any way to solve this

i could b wrong tho…

gl either way :frowning:


Well, I just bought the Nomad expansion and Galactic Conquest (at full price); I should hope that’s proof enough that I purchased my copy of GSB legitimately. :slight_smile:

I think this is all sorted now, by email, unless I’m confusing you with another buyer. If not, email me at

Yup, all resolved; thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,
1st of all great game but I need more More
so I bought the campain and 4 races expansion pack today
now while I found all 3 register codes none of them seems to work “invalid register code”
and I did not get a download link for the 4 races expansion pack checked it several times

please help me guys
I really enjoy the game and would like to play the campain


There is nonly 1 code, it comes with the original (base) game and it’s in this format


If that helps.

Yup thanks I found it
however I still not have a download link for the 4 races?
I`ve checked all of my 3 orders but only the download link for the 4 races bundle is missing

thanks for help

It sounds like that email got trapped as spam. If you email, they can resend it to you.

its been 2 years siince i downloaded the actually game and since then i have bought every dlc and moved to a different computer. i installed all the dlc and campaign but i need to get the registration key(serial code) for it. i can’t find the old email for it and i was wondering if you can help ?

oh and just bought galatic conquest today. the email was the same one the original game purchase info was sent to, EDITED, if that helps.

I re-sent your links,

I was oblivious to the fact that i needed a registration code, i just bought the game and all DLC today, wondering if i could get some help?

Well, all DLC accept for the Parasites.

Greetings and welcome.

You haven’t yet told us whether you bought the game direct from Cliff via BMT Micro, or indirectly through some other method such as Steam, Desura, etc.

The emailed receipt that BMT Micro will send to you also includes your required registration code. Check the email address that you supplied to your vendor during the purchase process, and input that code into the game.

Making use of said code is done by starting the game, waiting for the main screen, clicking the Online button and keying the reg. code into the relevant field shown.

If you encounter difficulty with this should-be-dead-simple process, there’s always this as your Plan B.

I did buy directly, and I’ve found the e-mail.


No problem! Enjoy the resulting interstellar destruction. :wink: