Can't find Shield Support Beam

Hi all,

After not playing for a while, I felt like getting into some GSB again. I read on the forums that a new Shield Support Beam had been added to the empire and thought I’d try it out. So I booted up GSB, let it patch and went looking for it. However, I simply cannot find the SSB. I’ve looked in every single frigate design for every race and cannot find it.

I think it may have to do with my last version. When I last played GSB I was at version 1.42. Today it patched it to 1.46, although when I looked in the patch folder I saw that the 1.46 patch was a lot smaller than my last patches (only 1mb).

Any suggestions?

Make sure you have an imperial frigate hull selected and look in the Defenses section of the module picker, it’s next to the point defense lasers and it’s called “Shield Support Beam I”. If you still don’t find it there, look in your Gratuitous Space Battles install folder (wherever GSB.exe is installed) and tell us if you can find data/modules/frigate_shieldsupportbeam_I.txt or not.

It’s definitely not in the module picker and I couldn’t find the text file either.

Well, best suggestion I have then is to make a backup copy of your GratuitousSpaceBattles folder (the one in My Games, not the one in Program Files) although you shouldn’t end up needing the backup, then un-install GSB and download/re-install from the full 1.46 installer.

Yup, you need a full reinstall, the patches sort of got ‘reset’ from 1.45, because they were re-patching everything from about thirty versions ago, on the basis that some people may not have patched for ages, but that was incredibly wasteful for everyone, when the vast majority were up-to-date.
If I had more hours in the day, the game would have code to send it’s current version, and then a pre-selected patch with just the required stuff would get sent. Maybe one day!

Ah, that makes sense. Reinstall fixed the problem, so all good now.

Thanks for the help (and the fantastic game).

good to know i am not alone with this kind of problem…