[Can't Fix][Bug 1.03] Savegame broken?


Today i downloaded the latest build, played the game for some hours and after trying to load one of my savegames the game just crashs.

Is there a way to fix it for us on ower own? Where do I have to look? Or is it the best way to just start a new game if something like this happens?

Thx :slight_smile:

dropbox.com/s/x8dle20xal5ux … t.xml?dl=0

Was this a game started before 1.03? its to do with corrupt resource objects, and may be something that was fixed in 1.03, or maybe 1.04 :frowning: hard to say for sure I’m afraid. Best to start again :frowning:

Yes. I just start again I was just wondering. :slight_smile:

1.04 ??? I’m downloading the game from humble bundle, it’s still 1.03a ^^