can't get 1.21 patch to work

I bought version 1.00 from a direct2download or somthing and it works fine but I cannot get the 1.21 patch to work.

I get an error message: “CRC failed - patching process has failed”

Any ideas?

The patches are only for the version of the game purchased directly from Positech Games.

So I am just out of luck?!? What the hell kinda raw deal is that?

It’s a totally different version of the game. Most of the extra content in the patches is already in those other versions anyway.
What is direct2download? that doesn’t sound right.

Most? What exactly is different??

Oh yeah and it was trymedia that I purchased it from…

i think your version doesn’t have the parrot or hamster pet, or lets you buy the gifts for partners. Other than that its the same.
Modding-wise, both versions are the same.

I understand why this confuses or annoys people, unfortunately its inevitable. Companies like trymedia or yahoo have very specific demands about what they will allow in games. They won’t allow any web-connection features, they won’t even allow my name (or company name) on the game anywhere. They wanted the game to be in $US instead of UK money, and wanted it set in the US rather than slough in the UK.
Effectively its a different ‘flavour’ of the game.

What most devs do, is make the game that those ‘portals’ want, and then never update their copy. As I preferred the game how it was, and love to tinker and improve my games, I’ve ended up with 2 different flavours of kudos. Its annoying, but preferable to just releasing the game and never being able to patch or improve it ;(
Unfortunately most of the big ‘portal’ sites aren’t interested in getting updates and patches for the games once they are released ;(

If in doubt, always track down the developer and buy from them direct, it’s always the best way.

I understand. I am just bummed because I didn’t know to look for this site because of course at the time that I bought this game I didn’t know there were other variations to look for.

So, I gather that I will not be able to patch this game at all and if you do add some cool new feature in the future it is unavailable to me unless I purchase the game again?

unless the portals request a patch that’s true I’m afraid ;(
I’m working on a new game now, so its unlikely there will be major updates to kudos for quite a while.

Thank you for your quick and honest answer. I will pursue getting my money back with the vendor who sold it to me.

So what is the new game?

oooh that would be telling.
Its a fair bit like kudos, but with an emphasis on the music business.
You’ll love it :smiley:
Still too early for screenshots.

i got patch 1.21 in and nothing happened :confused: