Can't get first promotion

So, I have met all the skill requirements, and I have a +100 relationship with the hiring manager, but I can’t get hired. What else do I need to do? What am I missing? The rejection message is very non-specific.

Hi there – hmm, that is strange. If you have met all the skill requirements and don’t have a disasterous relationship with the manager, you should be okay (unless the hiring manager doesn’t like your species, perhaps!) What is the rejection message you are getting, exactly?

It might be helpful if you could send me your save, please, as per these instructions, just in case this is a bug? viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8268


Thanks for the reply. I have attached the file. I do have some pretty rotten relationships with a couple of my co-workers. Would this affect it? The rejection message is something along the lines of " doesn’t feel you are suited for the position of…"

Also, not sure if it matters, but my hiring manager, my boss, and the current holder of the desired position are all the same person. Is there a conflict of interest perhaps?

Hmm. Actually, I take that back. It won’t let me upload the file (too big). I’ve e-mailed it to you per the instructions.

Ahhh – I haven’t looked at your savefile yet, but that message means the hiring manager is actually species-ist against whatever alien race you are! There should be a clue on their profile page about this (in the ‘about me’ line). I will make this kind of rejection more explicit in the next update! I guess another problem here for me to look at is how you managed to get to 100 relationship with them, heh.

Thanks for the save file!

So, how are you supposed to get the first promotion? Just skip it? Leapfrog over it?

If you happen to get assigned a hiring manager at any point who is bigoted against you, you can indeed aim to skip it, yes. :slight_smile: either work towards gaining all the necessary skills for another job, or just aim for minimal skills and a high relationship with the hiring manager. :smiley: