Can't Get GSB to run - Hull Error

I am getting this error and I can’t get past it. I have unleaded, trashed, reinstalled and keep getting this error. How can I fix this. BTW I purchased through steam.

Can’t wait for GTB

At a guess - I would say the game is calling for some modded content that no longer exists.

Search through your saved ship configurations and you should find a saved loadout that is looking for the “Federation Buffalo Cruiser King” . . If memory serves that hull file is either from the “3xper1ment4l era BETA v0.29a” or one of the original “Classic” Dreadnoughts . . . (or you made one yourself)

where do i find the saved ships file. I want to either fix or remove the ship

Sorry -i am not 100% sure where the configuration files are held. [size=50](I try and avoid using steam where possible - long story)[/size]
At a guess they might be around here c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/gsb/

Hopefully one of the other members that use steam should be able to help or you can check the steam forums . .

I think you might want to try and look in your “my games” folder in “my documents” but i think that’s the default location for PC’s not sure about the others.