Cant get my DLC to work, HELP!

I recently downloaded the order and the swarm DLC, I do not have the Tribe DLC. It downloaded both folders into the Gratuitous Space Battles folder on my computer and my version is 1.23. no matter what I do I cant get the game to find the DLC You go into new races and they are just not listed am I missing something, any help would be appreciated

You need the latest version of GSB, otherwise any additional content won’t work properly. I don’t remember which version needs the order but the swarm needs at least v1.38.

and how do i get that i dont know what my number is to get online with the game

Did you purchase the game direct from Cliff? If so, you should have received the online serial number in the purchase confirmation email.
You can also use the link provided there to re-download GSB and you’ll get the latest patched version that way.

I bought the original a very long time ago i dont have that email

Email Cliff. He should be able to help you sort this out as long as you got it from Positech.
Just make sure you use the same email address you used when purchasing the game.

Ok this may sound very noobish but what is cliffs address I havent seen an email on the games main page?

It’s not noobish at all. Took me a while to hunt it down. lol