Can't place turrets after clicking divisions.

Note: I was able to place a few turrets and infantry. Then I tried ‘division manager’. I thought It was setting a filter, just to simplify

So In the division manager, I had clicked all of the turrets. Now they are all gone. So I clicked ‘all’ but that’s empty too.

So clicking ‘division manager’ -> ‘All’ and both window panes are completely empty. Can’t get any infantry or guns now.

Even re-starting the campaign it won’t show any units.

What am I doing wrong?

Well, after running the first mission, and failing several times ( since having no units ) It said ‘you need help with the default units’ or something to that effect, and it restored the units.

Hi, it sounds like you have a division selected that has no appropriate units for your role (attack/defend). This is explained in the manual. YOu can cycle through divisions mid battle using the tab or shift+tab keys.