Can't play Campaign - says Code Invalid when it's the right

I cannot get online and to play the campaign. When I try to go online my Gratuitous Space Battles CD Key XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-X that I was given through steam. I didn’t even get a respone when I posted about this issue months ago and am curious if anyone knows about this problem because the CDKey is right and only one I have for it. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, and I was actually able to play the campaign at first until one of the patches months previous now made it unable for me to play online or with campaign. If anyone has any suggestions or help to this fix this issue it would be appreciated.

I have heard that comment a fair few times about the steam forum where the silence is deafening

Hopefully you will not have that problem here . . Now since i do not use steam, no particular solution comes to mind
However I had a quick search of the support forums and there are a few people have had the similar problems.

I have posted only a few of the examples:

You should be able to find an answer somewhere in the support forum.

Soudns a lot like a firewall issue. Patches change the signature of the GSB.exe, so it might be that an over-eager firewall at that point started blocking the game again. If your key has ever worked, it still should be valid.

I had to enter the code without the dashes. Just in case that helps.