Cant rise Culture

I read books, watch TV, game writes on screen “+5”. but my Culture always is 69 %.

Heh, that’s a nice percentage for culture :smiley:

I think what might be happening is you’re doing the same small number of things and your culture gets degraded for doing that. The higher your Culture the more you need to do things that increase your culture more. E.g. Hanging out with someone Cultured while going to the ballet gives 14% (4 + 10), or attending a Polo match is +15%.

These things increase culture (some are from the MegaMiniMod); for best results try a bit of each section:

+4% Hanging out with any ‘Cultured’ friends. This is on top of whatever Social Event you’re doing.

Social Events:
+8% Theater
+7% Museum
+9% Opera
+10% Trip to ballet
+8% Wine And Cheese Evening

Movies (only Foreign):
+2% Leaping panda, sleeping rodent
+2% Pierres terrible life
+2% The Battle of Austerlitz!
+2% Vladimir and Dimitri
+3% Zulu Sunset
+3% The Passion of Pedro
+3% The longest night

+15% Book Launch Party
+15% New Museum Exhibit
+15% Polo Match

Books / Papers, buying (and reading):
+3% Broadsheet Newspaper
+6% The History of Rome
+4% Pride & Prejudice
+4% The Three Musketeers
+4% Dracula
+4% Romeo and Juliet
+4% Sense and Sensibility
+4% War And Peace
+4% Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Solo Activities:
+1% Practice singing
+1% Practice bass
+1% Practice drums
+1% Practice electric violin
+1% Practice guitar
+1% Practice keyboard
+1% Practice saxophone
+1% Practice violin
+5% Watching TV (The Arts Show, only)

SomeGuyInABikini, thinks that’s enough culture for today