Can't save ship design.

Thanks for this enjoyable game. Recently I have hit a snag. I purchased the game through Impulse and played it. When my ship tree got too bloated, I deleted all the ships and designed them fresh for each mission. I concentrated on fighters and cruisers but on the final mission in which no cruisers are allowed, I had to use frigates. The problem though, is that I could not redesign the frigates. When I chose “load” to pull up a frigate hull, the “save” option was greyed out. Since I deleted all the original ship designs, this meant I could not use any frigates.

I poked around and found a thread here that suggested not deleting the original tutorial ships.
I uninstalled the program, deleted all my user information and reinstalled the game. Now I have the tutorial frigates which I can edit and save under a different name, but I still cannot “load” a frigate hull and save my own design as the “save” option is greyed out.

Have I missed something obvious?

The save option is only greyed out if its an invalid design, such as not enough crew or power, or no modules whatsoever. Is that the case?

Whoops! Thanks for the quick response, it works now as expected.
Great fun. :slight_smile: