can't seem to make Appetite Suppressants

I am on the “Lost my appetite” level at the very beginning. I am having all sorts of trouble figuring out what I am doing wrong.
I start with the “Reacted Ferrixyanide Essence” with a strength of 14. I can easily upgrade it to “Alleviates Stomach Ulcers”, but have no luck getting it to the Appetite Suppressant.
Can someone tell me the machines and the order to accomplice this? I know I am missing something.
Attached is a screenshot. It will be the RED belts. I have just removed some belts to try to add another machine, so there is a big gap before the Autoclave… this is where I get stuck. I have tried raising, lowering, etc before the pill printers, but I just get sugar pills. What am I missing or doing wrong?

You have to push the selected substance into the 6-8 concentration range (It is at concentration 9 in the screenshot. The tooltip should have a checkmark next to the beaker if you are in the valid range for an upgrade) and then put it in an autoclave. The effect should then change from Alleviates Stomach Ulcers to Appetite Suppressant. That effect has a new active range. You need to reach that before puting it in a maker.

I’m having same problem. Eight time no success. I also don’t like the pass/fail aspect. The formula is too tight and requires an inordinate amount of time trying to close the very narrow window you’ve place on the scenario. You NEED a sandbox so we can get familiar with the mechanic. If you have a scenario like this when game is released a lot of people will be unhappy. DON’T make it so hard to make a formula it’s supposed to be fun.

That did it. I thought I had already done all of this, but appareantly I had something in the wrong order…

How? I am almost about to give up I cannot not get the game to push to appetite suppressant


Thanks to cs96385, I figured out what I was doing wrong.
Here is what I did:
Research Ionizer, Agglomerator and Autoclave as fast as you can.
I took out loans to build as fast as I could to make the 300
pills to make Master. I didn’t care about loosing $$ because the object was to just make the 300 pills. I ended up making money anyway.

  1. Get “Reacted Ferrixyanide Essence” (It’s random, so this is all luck getting it soon in the round.)
  2. Use Agglomerator
  3. use Evaporator
  4. use 3 Ionisers in a row
  5. use Dissolver
  6. Use Autoclave
  7. use 3 Agglomerators
  8. use evaporator
  9. make 2 pill makers

I split the dissolver (#5 above) before it goes into the Autoclave into two belts to speed things up (Autoclaver takes 2 turns just like the pill makers), then combined them back together before going into the 3 Agglomerators.

See my screenshot.

Its a game. It’s supposed to be challenging, and not a simple game of tic-tac-toe. It is part puzzle game. The puzzle is to figure out how to change “A” to “Z” and make it all fit in the provided space. Sheesh! If it were simple, it wouldn’t be fun. Perhaps you are not up to the challenge. I have had to ask for help and watch you-tube videos to help learn the game. I love it!

“Perhaps you are not up to the challenge.”

I would have said to you “sorry you don’t enjoy it” not insult me for questioning the sequences. Nonetheless, refund or not this is my last post to you. Copping an attitude because I don’t like the game as much as you just adds to my overall dislike for the game.

You are correct. That did come across as rude. I apologize for that part of my comment.

I’m really sorry you’re having trouble Murray. Perhaps you could try some of the other missions (there are no locks) while you get the hang of the game. There are a number of more open mission types that don’t restrict you as much in what you are trying to create.