can't set username

I’m running the tar.gz 1.56.0 version from HIB 4 on debian. Made the gsbcd file, multiplayer screen says my key is valid. But every time I try to set my username I get the message reg code not valid. Any help ?

It could be that username is already used

Same problem here. It says “reg code failed”.

Although I tried many different names, even long random strings, it doesn’t work at all. :frowning:

Also if I used my reg code on another computer with a specific username, why isn’t there a way to recover said name somewhere?
I use many different names… can’t keep track of the one I may have used back then.

Can’t play this game. Why is there so many problems? It’s a legitimate registration process. >_<

EDIT: I just tried with my windows version using WINE, it worked perfectly well, with the same serial and the same username!
Something must be wrong with the linux version somehow. It’s crazy that the wine version works better than the linux port. :(((