Can't Socialize!

Hey all. New to Kudos and to this forum. First life sim I’ve played and I absolutely love it. Thank-Q!

My problem is: I can’t get anyone to socialize. The only answer to invites I “send” is something about “…the last time we did that, I had a bad time.” No one will accept an invitation to go out with me anywhere, not even indirect friends. Finally got a relationship started with one of my original girl friends and even she won’t go out with me. I bathe regularly and keep the house clean but still no deal. The opnly reason I can think of is that my people skills aren’t very high but I seem to have no way to build them in the current situation. Any ideas on what’s wrong with me?

Wow! You must be really popular! :slight_smile: (jk)

ok, make sure you invite people to things they like doing
Make sure your char is not really unhappy when you invite people also your charisma shouldn’t be in the depths of despair - friends don’t like socializing with doom and gloom
Try and select events that a number of people can attend - that way they might at least enjoy each others company if they don’t particularly like you :slight_smile:

Or do what I sometimes do - p*ss them all off by just attending classes and doing your own solo advancement, then wait for new friends to come along through encounters at work/walking/jogging/shopping etc.

Thanks, parsec. I’ve done all those suggestions already except for pssing them off. Guess that’s my next move. <prepares to pss> :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep…been there, done that. The new friends seem to come in spurts…probably because when you’re happier, more people seem to take an interest in you.

Side note:

I think the game should allow you to tell your friends to get lost - they can do it to you. So it only seems fair you get to choose who you want to remain friends with.

The only current way to do it is to make them fall in love with you - then you can dump them :wink:

You can also ignore them…it’s a more long term approach, but just as effective. And it works with people who you can’t make fall in love with you.

Im wondering…after they fall inlove, isnt there anything else to do than going out and buying them gifts?