Can't use the car...

I bought the cheap car and it isn’t highlighted in the commute section. So I bought the expensive car and the same thing. Do I need to buy both cars at the same time?


Thank you I see the class…

You have to learn how to drive :smiley:

Yes, you need to learn to drive, just like with the skateboard you need to learn to use it before you can.

Unfortunately, Driving isn’t a course offered, and it’s 25 pounds per lesson!!! Takes forever, so I don’t even bother unless I have a rich character with loads of free time. Cliffski, is there any way we can have Driving offered as a course like all the rest?

could be trivially modded as an evening class, yes.

You could have it as an academic option (rules of the road, road markings, parking distances from stop signs and such) and a practical part (actual road driving).