Can't warp fighters anywhere in campaign

I just started playing this game, so this may be a stupid question.

I was having no problem warping my fighters around with my frigates, but now the game tells me that “some ships are not able to warp here” if there are fighters in the group, and “no ships are able to warp here” if the group is made up entirely of fighters.

I thought it might be a bug, so I restarted the campaign. And now I can’t warp ANY fighters ANYWHERE at the start of the campaign. I’ve tried only building tutorial fighters/frigates because I thought I didn’t make a custom one correctly. But I am just unable to warp fighters anywhere now.

Please help.

Greetings phreshphishphan and welcome to the forums.

A very strange situation you have there. Could you provide a bit more detail so we can help you:

  • Which Campaign Map are you playing / and by extention which planet are you moving from / to ?
  • The fighters that you build, what modules do they have ?
  • Which setup of GSB are you using (Mac / PC / Steam) in case we need to give you direction to a file.

I’m now also experiencing this problem on my campaign, which I have been playing for about 90 turns.

I have no idea the name of the campaign map (I am playing Rebels I think), but I am unable to warp fighters from Atrima to either Entah Ardaman or Clelan Ardinum, or from Outpost 58 to Mildors Stand.
There are two types of fighter, both of which aren’t warping:
Fighter Engine 3, 2 x Power Generator 2, 2 x Fighter Laser Cannon
Fighter Engine 3, Power Generator 3, Fighter Rocket Launcher, Fighter Target Painter
I am playing GSB on PC/Steam

Looking forward to your reply.

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You cant sent fighters to Cleton Ardinum due to the High Level of Radiation. Same for Mildors Stand
As for Entuh Ardaman - Cruiser can not move to this location due to <>.
However there is no reason why fighters cant go to Entuh Ardaman

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply on that. I tried starting a new campaign, and I am encountering the same thing - I cannot move fighters to Entuh Ardaman =(

Helmsman - set couse for Entuh Ardaman.
Standby to launch all fighters.

Ok . . I am having trouble recreating the problem
In the image, i have 6 wings of Lepoard Fighters. .

Could you post a screenshot of what your seeing ?

This is the composition of the fleet trying to warp (carriers + fighters)


This is the message which definitely applies, as I keep turning up in Entuh Ardaman with only the carriers, ready for a hasty retreat.

I notice that the fleet icon changes to one not belonging to any ship in the fleet when it is dragged - could this have something to do with it?

Aha, Since your fleet is comprised of fighters and 3 cruisers you are seeing the message
Not all ships able to warp here (note the orange background)

So in this case, you can still move your fleet to Entuh Ardaman but the cruisers(aka Carriers) will remain behind.

Please note that this message is different to the one I showed which is:
NO ships able to warp here (note the red background)

Not 100% sure on the fleet icon thingy