Capital Ships?

I would very much like a class of ship larger than Cruiser. Both in actual size and number of modules. There doesn’t have to be more than 1 or 2 different designs per race, but it must look imposing. Something that really stands out from the rest of the ships. perhaps you can even limit it to one per match. Like the Super Star Destroyer (Star wars) was to the Star Destroyer. You thought the Star Destroyer was big? This thing has docking bays for those little things… hahaha

Also, while you are at it perhaps a type of weapon that is better than the rest, and therefore has its own type of spot. Sure you could put a regular weapon module there, but it would be the only spot a Super Weapon (such as the death star’s planet destroying beam) could go. Obviously it would take massive power, crew, etc. but would 1 shot things like frigates. Just a thought.