Capitalism Too Strong?

I’ve done a few playthroughs now and capitalism seems to consistently be the answer to my problems. After an initial 4 turns of hardship, switching over to Health and School tax credits, and doing entrepeneurship policies, my GDP skyrockets and I completely eliminate all Poor and gradually all Middle Income people, turning them all into Wealthy.

I do have to sister this with moderately increasing taxation and such, and potentially making use of a bug to do so (I use both Income Tax AND Flat Income Tax, at 35-40% each). But beyond that, it seems to be smooth sailing (and no matter what playstyle I do, there is no way to have low income taxes, capitalist, socialist, or fascist, all economic systems I’ve tried to follow leave me in a lot of debt without using two income taxes).

I’m not entirely sure what the solution would be, perhaps an early trigger for a Socialist crisis if you remove state schools and state health service too quickly without supplementing it with other things? Though, I have had Class Warfare a lot and I have resolved this with just adding more weapons to the police. Perhaps the solution there would be to then have a kind of Liberal crisis against the militarised police? I’m not sure, but I do think it’s far too easy for me to turn the UK into a carbon-neutral, ultra-militarised, economic superpower.