Car Design Screen Change Ideas

Some thoughts on the Car Design screen.

Can you add functionality to this screen to allow us to organize the tabs, so if we make a basic model Sedan, Compact, and SUV, we can slide their tabs to be in sequence how we want them? Just a thought, right now they go in as we create them and can not move them.

Another thought, can we save the vehicles as a template? Meaning I made an S Class for each vehicle type, and If I could save that to use in another game (like we could save coaster designs in those games) then I would be able to load it and use it there.

Also, a way to select all options, or Select all of a certain rank, like select all common, select all universal.

These are definitely all good ideas, I will add them to the list.

Additional to this i would suggest a sort function e.g. cost, rarity