Car designs are "not fun" lategame

Now I have this huge factory where most production steps have 2 or more part assemblers in parallel. To add a bit of variety, I only installed certain upgrades on certain production steps.

This results in a gigantic list (300+) of car designs, due to the random routing of cars they have pretty variable loadouts. Now when I add an upgrade to a step, I get rougly 30-40 pop-up windows with “name a car design”, and it’s pretty much impossible to change the prices of everything because the list is so huge.

To give an example, with “Power Steering”, “Central locking” and “Aluminium frame” upgrades, you get 11 different car models. This grows exponentially as more upgrades are added.

To manage this all, there either need to be some sort of filtering/group setting for premiums or preferably, the ability to set premiums on the upgrades themselves instead on the completed package.

Completely support your idea. I would say that Instead of deciding how much a certain car configuration is after it has reached the export, you have a drop down list of all upgrades and a slider to set the price and the total at export is based of the preset upgrade costs.

Base Car Price - $18,000
Power Steering - $300
Cruise control - $200
ABS brakes - $200

So a car that reaches the export with power steering and ABS would cost $18,500 and sold without having to Set the price for each and every configuration.

I like this idea with setting prices for each up grade. I would like the option to either pick a set price for each upgrade or to set a make up % for each. Not only set the price/make up % for the upgrades but also the base car model at the start of the line.

On another post someone was talking about having a order request and the car would travel the set route to install the correct upgrades, this too would be nice.