Car effects should be passed through electric transport transition rather than affect environment directly

Ok here is the problem, with full GDP Environment is almost impossible to control and most of the controls are related to car rules. And you need multiple and some what redundant rules.

For instance banning cars in city centers, ban low MPG cars, car emission limits are all needed (are significant levers on environment) even when you have 100% electric car transition.

Her is an fix. The policies “ban low mpg cars”, “car emission limits” , “electric car initiative” and “hybrid car initiative” should not directly affect environment.

Rename “Electric Car Transition” to “Clean Transport” and have that be the only transport input to environment. Going to 100% clean transport should not 100% eliminate transport related pollution but maybe 80% of it. A bottom limit.

Further thoughts:

I think similar to the transport sector energy and residential pollution should be handled in one node. You can have three nodes control your pollution/environment costs. “Clean Transport”, “Clean Energy” and “Clean Industry”, maybe “Clean Residential”

All transport should have environmental impact if not electrified, including buses and trains. Give them a smaller impact then cars but also allow clean transport transition to reduce their impact.

Anything that reduces CO2 should also reduce pollution? Except for CO2 storage everything that is supposed to reduce combustion should have a positive environmental impact.

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Technically even at full electrification cars are gonna have environmental impact mainly by production. Like, batteries and other electronics unfortunately need materials that are difficult to extract and cause various environmental issues.

That being said the system currently probably doesn’t actually take that into account all too well either


Please look at environment re-balancing. Almost everything i can do to impact environment is through cars. I find this frustrating. I also find it frustrating that while i have electric car transition fully implemented the bulk of my environment effect is though car emission limits, ban on low mpg cars and banning cars in cities (why should banning electric cars in cities improve enthronement?). These policies all effect electric car transition directly and electric car transition should effect environment alone.

What should go into reducing environment? 30% industry, 30% power production, 20% transportation and 20% farming. Clean up transport should clean up 20% of environment. Pollution controls should clean up 30%. Clean energy transition should clean up 30% and laws about farming should clean up 20%.

Farming regulations are one thing this game is missing. Farming has one of the biggest effects on water pollution, eutrophication and dead zones form fertilizer run off. Laws around agricultural pollution are a big deal in the states and environmentally.
Here are some laws that should be implemented:

Farm waste treatment: farm animal waste must be treated

Payment for ecosystem services : retire land from production for ecosystem services

regulate agricultural runoff regulate non point source pollution

pesticide regulation controlling pesticide application