Car selling is different


I’m very new to this game, like 5 minutes old gamer. I figure this game is complex and will get more complex each update so I decided to buy now and follow the updates instead of waiting till its a huge mess of features, like Prison Architect.

So I folowing the dev videos and when I actually started playing I faced a different car selling screen that I never saw in the videos even in the last one: # 19.

I have to choose Basic Car Price and QA price. What is that? Why QA is only $120 ?

Before there was one slider that adjusted the markup of the entire car, including all of the options.

Now you have a way to adjust the base car plus all of the options at different rates, so if you want to charge only 25% markup on the base car, but 40% on the quality check, and some other percentage on other options that are on the car, you can.