Car Usage -> Traditional Car Usage

Just thinking - with D4 we’ve now got a greater emphasis on Electric Cars (yay), however this could lead to a confusion as to what Car Usage means. My understanding is this does not include Electric Cars (or hybrid?) however a casual player might well not see the distinction.

So I suggest changing the term “Car Usage” to “Traditional Car Usage” or “Petrol Car Usage” to make it clear that we are talking about ICEs here.

I think Car Usage does include electric cars. It’s just that Electric Car Advancement or what it’s called weighs how much CO2 is produces by the cars currently on the road. If it reaches 100%, no car produces CO2, but there can still be lots of cars. Traffic Congestion, for instance, might be unaffected.

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Yes this is true. Its because some policies (bus lanes!) will reduce all car traffic, regardless of whether or not they are EVs. EVs still contribute towards congestion as well.

Thanks. I might be wrong in saying this but isn’t Pollution tied to Car Usage? Rather than car usage minus electric car usage.

Separately the environmentalists hate gridlock, even if I have a very high electric car conversion - where surely they wouldn’t mind anymore than “everyone” if there’s 0 pollution coming from those cars.

I found the transportation sector representation very confusing as well. If the transportation sector is mostly electric then we should not need clean fuel subsidies or the cost and effect of them should be much reduced. I have an issue where i managed to drive co2 to 0 but still have a pollution problem. Which makes sense but in game the levers to manipulate this are opaque.

Is it to late to change game “objects”?

Pollution and CO2 should both be modeled as separate in game objects.

Transportation should have a % electric model. As percent electric increases clean fuel subsidies and hybrid cars have less cost and less effect.

That sounds very similar to the problem I had which initially set me off looking at it.

Suddenly there was a massive pollution problem despite having very low CO2 up to the turn before, I think partially caused by a surge in GDP. I know I’m walking off topic slightly here…

gridlock is gridlock, even if every car is an EV, this doesn’t help if it takes you 4 hours to get to work :D. Its true the pollution in the game comes from cars BUT, the equation scales this effect by the amount of ICE versus electric cars, so this is modelled, although the player cannot see this additional part of the equation yet.

its on my todo list to make this visible:

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