Car Values

Have started a new factory on the newest patch this weekend and noticed something i couldn’t really explain. The Value of cars seemed to go down steadily. As far as i understand the expectation mechanismen, technology becomes available and with it customers expect those features to be in the car. If you don’t have them, they are not buying the car no matter the prize or need lower uplifts higher discounts on the prize. This sees to be something different though, it seems to directly reduce the value of the basic car.

Usually prizes are linked to the value of the product which is what customers are willingto pay for it. Naturally those prizes are going down as people expect better or cheaper products after some time. But it usually happens because manufacturers either reduce the cost and give this reduction to their customers to stay competetive or they reduce their margin. Both concepts are in the game without the need to reduce the value of the car over time.

If i was right with the observation that the value itself was degrading over time, i assume it does so to simulate the market to want cheaper cars to force the player to produce more efficiently for example by impoorting less and manufacturing the parts themselves? Which would be simplified but fair. However, if the user doesn’t know about that feature, it’s hard to prepare for it.