Career Path affecting social activities?

I’m playing through, and my career of choice the first time through is Chef. My character has 100% in advanced cooking, and just flopped while hosting a dinner party. Any chance that a social activity that deals with your career path could have an increased chance of success?

Along those lines, do the skills that you have in certain games affect the chance that you win or lose them? If my character has a 90% rating in football, for example, would that make them much more likely to win the game than if their rating was only 25%?

It depends who you play against. Your friends level-up their skills just like you do. So if you play your best friend at chess constantly, it’s an even battle, but then playing someone new at chess, you should tend to beat them.

Fair enough…my character stopped playing chess after his girlfriend kept getting jealous about not being invited (even though she’s not a gamer.) so the skill has gone way down. Would it be possible to buy two chess boards, and get a “doubles chess” option? I know how to change the files to get more than just the one person to be invited to play chess, but I was wondering what needed to be changed to buy more than one chessboard (if this were even possible). That would make it more realistic.

What about the career path affecting your social activities?

I think that skills can be modded in as inputs to the success rate for an event. If you look at the examples of outdoor sports like football, you can see how the weather has quality affects on the event.