carrer question

what carrer you most like?

Anything in the Law field. Gives you the most money. :smiley:

I have tried the food/Chef and the waitress with thier tips can really rack up a good amount of cash. My question is why when you are a doctor and earning 70000k that you only take home 30+ dollars to spend on friends. That is not enough to earn kudos, or go to the ballet or dinner more than once a week, much less take a class to further your education. What is up with that?

I found the job as cosmetic surgeon to be the best. The initial earnings is around $126k. Now I’m earning around $144k (after promotion), and I can easily stack my cash to $20k in no time, even after socializing like crazy, and buying things I don’t need :slight_smile: )

I don’t know if it got anything to do with new version or not (maybe this job wasn’t included in old ones).

forgot to ask, does the acting and/or music jobs give me anything beside cash? Maybe popularity or confidence, or anything?

Considering it’s a pain taking all those acting classes and jaming up the music instruments, just for jobs around 50k, and without promotion. Maybe if I become popular, the jobs would be more lucrative? I never took the acting or music line to the end. I changed career ASAP to a better paying job.

well u can write songs and screenplays and get royalty’s but i think thats it.