Carrier bays and fighterbombers

Could bombers associated with a ship containing carrier bays ride in the bays until such time as they’re within their engagement distance - and then launch?

the benefit is that they don’t get shredded by a fighter swarm… the tradeoff is that if your mothership is nuked by missiles … you lose the squadron too.

(obviously some limit like only one squadron per bay)

maybe a range slider to launch within x range of cruiser/frigates

I’d much rather see fighter squadrons maintaining formation though and having the option to retreat in groups rather than dribs and drabs

I made a similar suggestion a while ago. My idea was to have the fighter bombers in a holding pattern for a set time, then release them to attack as normal. This would allow fighter bombers on vulture mode to hang back at the edge and then engaged once the main battle fleets have met.

Same concept as yours.

this could be a order like “delayed advance”? sounds great!

I usually use rocket fighters here and there but its always a risk whether the enemies fighters will knock them out before my main fleet engages (along with its anti-fighter support frigates)

There was talk of a ‘delayed-deploy’ option for ships. Implementing it as an order had not occured to me, to be honest. That might make the UI for it quite easy.
The idea was that you could have ships that ‘warp-in’ in the middle of the battle, up to a certain time limit (say a minute into the battle).
Some players have hypothesized that this would just mean everyone delaying all ships by the maximum amount, so as not to be surprised by the enemy, so I’m not sure if it has real tactical advantage, other than possibly looking pretty cool.

what about forcing a min% of the the force to start and if that % is defeated then regardless of the forces on standby that haven’t warped/jumped in, the challenge is won

The tactical advantage, as I see it, would be to have all of my forces hit the enemy at the same time. Ideally, I would like all of my fighters, even if they have different speeds, to reach the enemy at the same time as all of my cruisers and frigates reach their optimal attack ranges with all of these being simultaneous. This is not currently easy to achieve. As a kluge, people anchor fighters to a leading ship with escort orders so that when the anchor is destroyed the fighters are released to attack. A more elegant solution would be preferable.

a delayed entry would also be beneficial for slower fighters. Currently I find that I NEVER use fighter torpedos because they are just too damn heavy and would get shot to pieces if the enemy has other fighters. Its bad enough that torpedo fighters would be slaughtered by a couple cruiser turrets, they shouldn’t have to deal with enemy fighters. so a delayed entry would allow my fighters to close with the enemy, dogfight and take them out. by that time I would have my cruisers close to firing range. then my torpedo fighters jump in, rape the enemy’s shields, and we all go home. lol.

That warp-in possibility could allowed only from a warp gate transported by a ship. So the player must protect it and move it around.

Well it is almost like carrier, except that the fighter can not return to the carrier after, and that there is not limit of fighters per gate (or maybe a maximum quantity every minute).

i like that! i’ve typed what is now a whole new suggestion i’ll post since it will take this thread off topic